Wouldn’t that be great? If only we were all born with a personalised user manual for each of our minds. A unique guide to help us understand why we think, feel and behave the way we do. It would make life a whole lot easier and I am sure it would enable us all go to reach our potential.

The Enneagram is like a user manual for your mind; it explains there are nine basic different personality types. Identifying what is really going on; our basic fears, motivations and how we can become aware of them to enable us to develop and grow.

Can you recognise your user manual from the brief descriptions below?

Type Ones have great vision and strong ideals. They are highly principled, with a clear moral code. They are rational and practical people, with the ability to separate the wood from the trees and assimilate the facts to get to a clear conclusion.

Type Twos are all about others. They have a fabulous talent to be able to step into other people’s shoes and give them exactly what they need. They are interested, positive, warm and caring. They are adaptable and flexible in situations.

Type Three. The life mantra of a Three is Goals. Action. Success. They are both achievers and doers. Relentless in their pursuit of goals; they might not go as far as having a physical trophy cabinet but they will certainly have a mental one.

Type Fours are warm, perceptive and are able to express themselves easily. They can show great emotional depth. They are creative souls who like to be seen as unique and different. Bureaucracy, rules or routine are to be avoided at all costs by a Four.

Type Fives are great thinkers and philosophers; they keep asking why? Their ability to think differently is sacred to a Five. They define themselves (and others) by the quality of their thinking. They are highly observant, introverted and curious.

Type Sixes are very loyal and reliable in life. They are likeable, witty and can also be cautious and anxious too. Sixes bring a thoughtful approach and are good at spotting and sorting problems out. They have the capacity to be very self- aware.

Type Sevens are a bundle of passion and energy. They connect easily with people and are fun and spontaneous to be around. They have a strong sense of spirit and adventure. Sevens are ideas people, fuelled by their curiosity and creative nature.

Type Eights are strong, inspiring and can also be fiery. They are the natural leaders of the Enneagram. Tenacious and straight talking, they get things done. The passion of an Eight is there for all to see and they firmly believe anything is possible.

Type Nines are calm, reliable and easy going. They seek unity and peace and look to avoid conflict where possible. Nines are great at understanding others and have a natural gift of seeing what is good in every person.

Can you recognise your type here? If this has piqued your curiosity, you can find out more in “What is my Type?” a short book I wrote with Marie Taylor available for download on Amazon.

Photo: Pawel Szvmanski

A User Manual for your Mind

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