I sadly found out a very dear man who I worked for has died recently after a long illness. It struck me the impact we can have on each other without ever realizing it. This is as true in our professional lives as it is in our personal lives. Who has had a big impact on your career? Who has helped, inspired and gone out of their way to encourage you and perhaps deserves a thank you.

For me there have been many but here are a few that certainly deserve a thank you from me.

Matti Kuorehjarvi – For taking a giant leap of faith, giving me a job I loved and in doing so changing my career forever. When I interviewed with Matti, I didn’t have the experience he needed. Sure, I probably came across as a good egg but it would have been easy for him to say no, instead he supported and encouraged me to get to grips with this job that I didn’t really know what I was doing. Thank you.

Carol Soriano – I worked for Carol at a time when the organization was going through a tough time. It wasn’t easy and our relationship was not always easy either.  However, she did two incredibly supportive things for me and deserves the biggest thank you. Firstly she got me a coach, which sowed the seeds of possibility for my future career. Then she supported me to take my first NLP course. She really didn’t have to do this at all, there was nothing in it for her what so ever and yet she said yes. Again paving the way for my future career. Thank you.

Jeremy Schwartz – Like Carol and Matti he has been very supportive too. He also deserves a thank you for being one of the best examples I know of great leadership. Jeremy always strives to do the right thing even when it’s hard. People respect that and they follow. We all need a “real” example of a great leader in our career. Yes Richard Branson, Sara Blakely, Jeff Bezos et al all inspire as leaders but it is even better when you can see them at play for real. Thank you.

As a leader you often don’t know the impact that you are having, but get right and it can last a lifetime as my three “thank yous” show.

Thank You

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