My Facebook page is currently filled with photos of cute children, looking smart in their new ‘you will grow into it soon’ uniforms, ready to start school. This past week has felt like going back to school for me too, as the relative quiet of August has past and its starting to get busy again.

This is making me reflect on what I have to achieve by the end of the year – planning, projects and timelines… Oh joy! And I can also see that I am part of other people’s to-do lists, as they are calling for help to find new opportunities.

It has also made me reflect on what to do if you are NOT on the hunt for a new job. When you are not looking is the perfect time to get your house in order. You are then set to take advantage of opportunities that arise and be prepared for the unexpected.

Although we are all short of time, if you had 2 to 3 hours this September I would advise you to consider the following:

  1. ‘Hello, It’s Me…’

Most people would return Adele’s call, but most people get tired if you only call when you want them to do you a favour. Like all relationships, business relationships need nurturing, and it is easier to do that when there is no agenda. Hello! Call now.

  1. Grow Yourself

Our success in the future will largely be defined by the depth of our skill set and not by our position. If you were to focus on developing one area by Christmas, what would have the biggest impact on your skill levels?

  1. Where Are You Currently Playing It Safe In Your Role?

Where are you staying in your comfort zone in your current role? What would make you say ‘Wow!’ if you achieved it by Christmas? I find I can need help with this… and by telling someone else and enlisting them as an encouraging cheerleader it helps.

  1. 2-Hour Challenge

Everyone hates updating their CV and LinkedIn. Fact. However, they do need to be kept up-to-date. Set yourself a maximum of 2 hours to do this; it is just about getting ahead and it doesn’t need to be perfect.

For LinkedIn: Who have you met this year that you would like to connect with? Ask for recommendations, especially from people who you have just completed projects with. Add in any rich media examples of your work. On your CV: Add in your current job and list your achievements, because you will forget the numbers and results if you leave it until later. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need to capture what you have done.

  1. Thank You

When I worked in marketing I was taken out for dinner by my agency contact and, as a ‘thank you’, I bought them a book related to our conversation. There was no agenda attached, it was a simple thank you. Then when I set up my business, this person was the first who asked me to run training for their organisation. Business karma!

Who is owed a ‘thank you’ from you this year? Genuine appreciation strengthens relationships and future possibilities.

A few actions as we all “go back to school” can pave the way for future successes.

And if you have any questions then get in touch at

Jenny Williams, Career Coach



5 Things To Do In September If You Are NOT Looking For A Job

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